About Us

At Reliable Scale Corporation we design, manufacture, and market high quality load measuring equipment for several industries and applications. We work closely with our clients to provide the best solutions to their weighing and data gathering needs. An innovative spirit fuels our need to constantly improve on previous successes.

Since 1984 we have been building sensors and instruments for use in harsh environments. Our products are in service from Australia to Siberia, from Northern Canada to the Persian Gulf.

Reliable Scale Corporation is a family business with its second generation moving into corporate management. Family values of commitment, respect, and a genuine concern for our clients’ wishes have helped us to build a broad customer base. Many of our products have been developed in response to customer requests for “something special” to solve a specific problem.

Our management team includes engineers, technicians, technologists and marketing specialists with extensive training in project management and business management. Formal training, along with many years of solid business experience has made our company an emerging leader in its field.



Cattle, Hogs, Poultry & Bin Weighing

cattleRuggedly built load bars & cells, sealed against dirt and severe climatic conditions, provide an economical sensor base for weighing live animals or feed rations. Our digital weight indicators process the load cell signals using high speed circuitry and programmable digital filter algorithms. They provide accurate weight readings quickly, even when animals are moving about on the platform.

Custom Designs

board_roomWe work closely with our customers to assess their needs and to provide them with optimum solutions for their weighing applications. Whether the solution is an off-the-shelf product, a new design, a product modification, or special software, we strive to provide economy and quality to each of our clients. Innovative thinking often produces unique results which exceed our clients’ expectations.


pumpjackWe design and manufacture some of the finest wireline load sensing equipment on the globe. Our custom designed systems withstand the brutally tough environment of the world’s oil fields, yet are sensitive enough to produce accurate data on downhole conditions. We offer robust data loggers to gather information on site and store it securely for later analysis. We also build pump off control load cells and several configurations of load pins for drilling rigs.

In House Design

circuit_boardOur engineers and technicians take projects from initial concept, through prototype assembly & testing, to production manufacturing. We select the materials, finishes, and electronic components to best complete the project. We develop the circuit layout and firmware, then perform field tests to ensure operating stability and system integrity. After thorough testing, we design the service programs to support the product in our customers’ field offices. “Hands-on” control throughout the manufacturing process ensures our standards are met and the product serves its purpose well.